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This artwork is part of the series of dioramas where the artist frames the storyline using an arrangement of repurposed objects contained within hard-edged walls creating an off-balance tension. Working within this framework also allows the artist to explore the esthetic variations from a different perspective and discover new relationships within the new compositions.  


256- Everyday Life
256 - Everyday Life A
256 - I
256 - J
256 - D
132 -B
135- A
134-A-Secret Service
134-B- Secret Service
134- B- Secret Service
134-C-Secret Service
134-D- detail
125 A
125 A-2
125 A-1
124 A
124 C
124 B
125 B
102-Monument to Art and Technology- A-2_
102-Monument to Art and Technology- B-2_
102-Monument to Art and Technology- C-2_
104-Monument to Fighting Men and Women-
104-Monument to Fighting Men and Women-
104-Monument to Fighting Men and Women-
106- Monument to Big Brother-D
106- Monument to Big Brother-B
106- Monument to Big Brother-A
107- you are being watched-smile- A
107-- you are being watched-smile-B
107-you are being watched- smile -detail
115-Cyberpunk Fencing-A
115-Cyberpunk Fencing-B
115-Cyberpunk Fencing-C
115-Cyberpunk Fencing-D
109-Headless Eagle-A
109-Headless Eagle-C
109-Headless Eagle - B
117-Totem Pole-e
117-Totem Pole-d
117-Totem Pole-b
117- Totem Pole- A      12x12x3.5"
121-Ode to the Flash Drive-A   8x8x4
121-Ode to the Flash Drive-B
121-Ode to the Flash Drive-C
112-Transformation -B   8x8x3.5"
112-Transformation -F
112-Transformation -A
122-Eye Witness-A   8x8x3.5"
122-Eye Witness-B
122-Eye Witness-D
116-Tower of Babel Revised   12x12-A
116-Tower of Babel Revised-BB
116-Tower of Babel Revised-CC
116-Tower of Babel Revised-B
113- Promotion-A    8x8x3.5"
113- Promotion-C
113- Promotion-B
113- Promotion-E
123-Concept-A     8x8x3.5"
105 - Red-D
105 - Red-A
105 - Red-C

Below is An Anthology of Pictorial Short Stories. A series of shadow boxes. Each piece is made using only repurposed and discarded objects put together to tell its own story or be a part of a greater collection.


Love and Hate Installation

Love and Hate Installation

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