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 REVEALS - enamel, watercolor, cray-pas, acrylic, spray paint metallics, and masking on hand-made paper

golden sqares on paper 1
The Last Supper with the horse that came to dinner
golden squares #2
golden squares on paper #3
golden squares #9
Firefight on bareback- black squares on gold
eruption- mixed media on hand made paper
pegasus bleeding -gold squares
gold and black squares #7
red and white squares -10
gate to the other side where the grass i
golden squares on paper #4

“When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies? " Carvantes - DON QUIXOTE ADVENTURES
POST CARD SERIES - water colors, cray-pas, pen and ink, enamel, and metallic paints on hand-made paper

Don Quixote Adventures - grim reaper
Don Quixote- quest 2
Don Quixote- long neck creatures
Don Quixote - face of salt
Don Quixote - windmills
Don Quixote- riding 12 feet elephant
Don Quixote - white elephant
Don Quixote - entering the abyss
Don Quixote- the land of the enchanted
Don Quixote - belerina amd teh donkey
Don Quixote - red giant punching hi horse
Don Quixote - illusion with red nose
don quixote - embrace
don quixote - descent from the mountain
don quixote- mystery of the green bull


eyeball 3D on stand, sculpture
time piece - sculpture- aleks rosenberg
don quixote - tangled nightmare
don quixote - water torture


death upfront - woodcut, aleks rosenberg
surrounded - engraving, aleks rosenberg
meat - lithograph, aleks rosenbeg
horse dreaming - woodcut, aleks rosenberg
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